The Talking Machine - antique and vintage audio equipment

The Talking Machine - established 1971










A Verygood working HMV Model 102





A Good Working HMV Table Model Gramophone with Number 4 Soundbox





Original painted tin horn working gramophone





 French Cafe Coin Operated Automat Working Plays Centre Start Pathe Records Great  Original Painted Horn New Bracket and  Elbow 








A very good original gramophone horn carrying basket





HMV Model 130 Table Gramophone









A Melba Horn Gramophone with  brass horn 






A Monarch with sound Arm Conversion cica 1904 with Horn cover




A HMV wooden horn Monarch Gramophone circa 1908 





A good Senior HMV gramophone with fine original painted red horn




A good Swiss type Dulcephone horn gramophone





A pretty brass horn gramophone slight split to back of horn as photo




A Klingsor gramophone circa 1908





HMV model 101 gramophone 




A very pretty horn gramophone with HMV decal Continental




  A Decca nursery portable gramophone


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