The Talking Machine - antique and vintage audio equipment

The Talking Machine - established 1971

PhonographsMany in stock...



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Really Nice 2 and 4 minute Edison Standard C Reproducer New Horn





Edison Triumph cylinder phonograph

with horn  £850 without £675



Edison Amberola 30





Edison Concert phonograph





A fine Edison Standaed with 2&4 minute gearing





Edison Home phonograph with a fair original horn which can be changed for a modern one 





A Edison Gem cylinder phonograph with a recent horn





A Edison Fireside phonograph with a H reproducer and a blue horn



Edison Class M with Battery

P. O. A or part exchange




A very good Edison Fireside 2 &4 machine with cygnet horn & K reproducer 





A very good Columbia AT Phonograph





A Edison Bell Gem Phonograph




Edison Amberols X phonographA very good 



















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